Find Out What Residents Really Think About Your Property

With the internet, people can and do rate anything and everything. From products to professors, no one is afraid to share their opinion online. This includes a resident’s opinion on their landlord or property manager. Rather than seeing a resident’s thoughts on your property online, it can be a good idea to take proactive steps to find out what your renters think about their experience renting from you. But what methods can you use to obtain this information?

One method is by issuing a survey. With the right questions, a survey sent out to your residents can provide you with a snapshot of their thoughts about the property. It can outline what you’re doing well, and what areas may need improvement. With so many different sites offering easy-to-setup surveys, like Google or SurveyMonkey, this is an option that is quick and easy to access. With the anonymity that these surveys can provide, your renters will feel that they can be honest about their feelings of the residence. This will allow you to get an accurate snapshot of how your residents feel, and you can make adequate changes.

Some residents may even be willing to sit down with you and do an interview. In this case, you have the opportunity to receive feedback about your property, and then ask for explanation on that feedback. This allows for two-way communication, and to ask questions you may not have thought to put on a survey. While it may be harder to find someone to engage in this format, it will definitely pay off in the long run.

At times it may seem like you’re asking for feedback, but no one is willing to give it. Sometimes residents cannot be bothered to fill out any type of survey on their own but must be coerced. Try offering a gift card or some other incentive in order to have your residents complete the action you want them to. Offer this rather than asking for a survey right before a renter moves out, as they won’t be around to benefit from any changes and therefore have no reason to set aside their time.

It can be hard to deal with bad reviews or negative opinions, but you can find out what your tenants really think by periodically issuing surveys or interviewing your renters. By doing this, you’ll be able to see if your residents have any issues, and, if so, correct them before they become long-term problems. Encouraging feedback from your renters can improve their experience and clue you in about what they’re thinking.

What Methods Do You Use to Find Out What Your Residents Think?

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