Free Resources for National Apartment Housing Month

Managing a rental property is tough work. Not only do you handle the entire leasing and vetting process, but you routinely work on maintaining your property and reputation as well. This April marks National Apartment Housing Month, and to commemorate all the hard work you do within the rental housing industry, we’ll be offering up all of our downloadable rental resources for free!

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Some of the resources available in our free National Apartment Month Download include:

  • Move-in Checklists
    This includes a handy ‘what to buy’ checklist for new, first-time renters and a helpful utility checklist (which has spaces you can fill out for your new move-ins like your property’s utility providers, school district information, etc.)
  • Maintenance Checklist
    Behind on your property’s spring cleaning? Use our easy maintenance checklist to ensure your property is spick and span.
  • Informational Infographs
    From learning more about credit scores to the pros and cons of month-to-month leases, our informational infographs will help you level up your leasing and management skills in just 5 minutes.

As the demand for rental housing continues to rise, we hope that these resources can make your day-to-day operations just a little bit easier. Keep up the good work!


Click Here Download our National Apartment Month Resources

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