Get Ready to Handle the Worst Time Shift of the Year

Springtime means so many wonderful things. The trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, bees are attacking anything sugary, and the time change will make us lose an entire hour of precious sleep. While all our night owls may hiss at the sunlight creeping through the bedroom curtains earlier, on March 8th, 2020, those rays are going to spring forward and cause everyone a bit of a headache.

Being cranky from lack of sleep doesn’t excuse you from your duties as a property manager. This season of spring cleaning comes with its own quarterly laundry list. Get the tools out from winter storage because with the sunshine comes work to do in it.

Setting Up Expectations

This self-proclaimed night owl may spend the day cursing all that come near because on March 8th, it will be a bit more difficult to be as productive as you may want. Set your expectations and make sure to double-check your time management desires. By all technicality, the time change happens at 2:00 AM local time, instead leap-frogging over that 2:00 AM hour straight to 3:00 AM. That is not what it feels like, however.

Check your schedule that day to set realistic expectations. Are you really going to be chipper enough at 8:00 in the morning to deal with that extra difficult resident? Or should you instead plan to do the less emotionally-taxing projects such as data entry so you can pout over getting less sleep than you typically desire. If you’re a fan of getting the early worm or morning glory, go right ahead.  If you’re a fellow member of the Grouch Club, well, no one is going to judge you for making an extra stop at Starbucks.

Daylight Savings time is so much more fun in the fall when it feels like the day is handing over more time. With the spring, there is more of a trade. With shorter days comes pretty flowers, so keep that twist in mind. Are you ready for the time change?

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