How Paint Colors Can Improve the Marketability of Your Rental

Home is where the heart is, that’s why some of the most important decisions when preparing a vacant rental is choosing the right colors. Paint colors directly influence mood. When choosing what color to paint the walls, put aside your personal taste since it may not appeal to the renter. Neutral colors are key for rentals and works with most furniture and design styles.

Selecting the right paint colors is an easy, affordable way to make a big difference with your rental property. Prior to showing, a fresh coat of paint should be on the to-do list, in addition to fixing any wear and tear or damage and shampooing the carpets.

The right colors can make small spaces appear larger and dark areas seem brighter. The best part, is that paint is an affordable solution that can not only help your property stand out from the competition, but also keep your tenants happy and in good spirits.

Neutral colors work best as they appeal to the largest number of individuals. For example, there are many shades of white paint that have beige, tan, yellow, blue or green undertones that allow a room to look fresh, bright and clean with just a touch of color. Ivory and cream also work great. When it comes to painting the trim, finding a shade of white that compliments the walls is ideal.

Darker colors will make rooms appear smaller than they actually are whether they happen to be warm or cool shades. Neutral colors such as butter cream, light beige, neutral stone and Swiss coffee are typically considered to be the most relaxing and will be the easiest for tenants to match their décor with.

How do colors impact mood? Here is a list.

White:   Freshness, hope, goodness, purity, cleanliness.

Yellow: Happiness, cheerfulness, energy, warmth.

Green: Life, growth, environment, healing, safety, relaxation, freshness.

Blue: Peace, stability, calmness, tranquility, sincerity.

Red: Passion, daring, romance, excitement, energy.

While adding a touch of color to rooms throughout a property can give it personality, it is important that the color choices appeal to as many people as possible. Selecting neutral colors will also ease the transition for your renters, as they are more than likely already going to compliment the renters design choices. Once your property is good to go and you are ready to screen your applicants, visit to find the best quality tenants.

By: Laura Mowry

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