How the Superbowl Can Prepare Property Managers

It’s that time of year again where even the most uninterested individuals will tune in for the yelling, junk food, hilarious commercials, and all around epic events that surround the Superbowl.  What makes this game feel so much bigger than other national sports titles is that it all comes down to a singular game – one afternoon spanning the course of a couple of hours to show whether or not someone will be going home for the day with the big “W”.

In a lot of ways, working in sales is no different: you work towards closing that deal and getting your big “W”.  Property managers especially can follow some of these time tested methods of the game that can make or break a successful deal:

  1. Prepare Before the Game – Think about your peak appointment times or when you are likely to get more walk-ins.  What day is it? What time is it? What season is it? Begin a first impression by drawing interest the moment they walk through the door.  If you live in a colder region during winter, have a basket of the $1 hand warming packets you can get from most major retailers, or hot cocoa alongside the coffee pot.
  2. Practice a Winning Offense – Showing a track record of success in itself is a motivator for people to pay attention.  If you have any positive reviews, nice comments, letters, or other feedback from present and previous residents – show it off! Have a bulletin board for people to see when they walk in or keep a page of testimonials handy on your desk.
  3. Have a Solid Defense – A resident who sticks around and protects your assets is a teammate you want to hold onto.  Start with your applicants by properly screening out the ones who don’t fit your criteria, and give approved applicants even more incentive to pay on time.
  4. It’s Never Too Late – Even if you feel like you are down late in the game, there can always be a comeback.  Save a few incentives for applicants who would be a good fit, but aren’t sold on your property.  One of my favorite ones is creating a moving box recycling program for new residents to draw from and donate to.  This, coupled with any deals that local moving companies can work out for new residents to use, can make a moving day go much more smoothly.

While the Superbowl maybe the culmination of the football season it is one step closer to spring and a busier season for property managers.  Now is the time to begin preparing for the onslaught of potential new residents just waiting to move into your community.

CIC is a Tenant Screening leader with over 26 years of experience in the multifamily industry providing credit reports, nationwide eviction, criminal reporting and more.  For additional information about CIC, please visit or call 800.288.4757.

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