How to Create a Pet Friendly Environment

With an upward trend of available renters choosing their pet’s needs over their own, you might want to consider making your property a little more pet friendly. The data supported by the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare shows that only one-half of housing is pet-friendly, which makes this a great opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, in 2012 there were 43 million households that owned dogs and 36 million households that owned cats, with indicators that the pet-loving trend is going up. The Los Angeles Times reported that a survey in August 2014 showed that more than 70% of apartment renters stated they owned pets. Even the City of Los Angeles stated on February 2, 2016 that they’ll start creating legislation aimed at making it easier for renters to have housing that accepts their pets.

As the demand for pet-friendly housing grows, take advantage of the situation by considering these easy pet-friendly amenities and services. In no time you’ll bring in more applications for your listings and beat your competition instantaneously, all thanks to your renter’s furry friends.

Doggy Discounts

Lend your pet-loving residents a helping hand by supplying new renters with a list of convenient local pet options to suit their needs. Reach out to your local pet services and see if you can get a discount for your renters with a referral program. Talk to your dog owning renters and see what their greatest needs are. If they need a dog walker or dog sitter, consider sorting through your local services to find a dedicated service for your community. This will not only help limit the amount of dog walkers and sitters that have access to your community, but it will help your residents feel more assured when giving them access to their home. Open up your community to a local dog trainer on the weekend. Get your renters to participate by offering the first class for free.

Pet Events

As a pet-friendly community, most of your residents have one thing in common; they love their pets! Why not capitalize on this camaraderie to set up your own pet-centered event? Schedule a meet up at your local dog park and watch as your residents socialize while the dogs get to play. Encourage a community Facebook group or club for pet owners and supply them with walking routes, meet-ups, and advice.

Worried your cat-loving residents will feel left out? Try out Resident Event’s contest on your Facebook page, where your community can make their own carnival head-in-the-hole pictures with a piece of cardboard and a marker. One resident took a picture of their cat’s head with a drawn on dinosaur body and it was immediately shared across Facebook. Use this as a marketing opportunity by offering the most-liked picture a gift card to Petsmart.

Keep Pet Supplies on Hand

Sometimes your renters forget to pick up pet supplies and that’s okay. Keep a spare bag of cat litter and doggie duty bags for those few emergency times. Encourage your renters to swing by your leasing office while they’re on their walk by keeping pet treats on hand. Give your new renters pet treats or a small toy when they come in to get their key. Amongst the crazy move-in stuff, they’ll appreciate that you not only remembered their cuddly companion, but that you want to welcome them as well.

Pet-friendly housing is so sparse to the point where 82% of pet-owners have a hard time finding accommodating residences. Open your community to a new experience by eagerly welcoming pets with these amenities. As many communities have started targeting this demographic with dog washing stations, free doggie bags, and even rooftop dog parks, you might want to consider how some of these amenities might help you in the long run. Your competition might be snatching up all the best applicants, simply by welcoming their pets with a smile.

What ways do you use to help attract new applicants who are influenced by the way your property approaches their pets? Do you have any unique requirements or offers aimed at these kinds of renters?

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