How To Help Provide a Better Quality of Life For Elderly Renters

Renters come from all walks of life and there’s no one size fits all model to cater to the needs of everyone. You simply can’t please them all. But, when you focus on certain demographics you really can better tend to their needs in turn providing a great quality of life. One sometimes overlooked or misunderstood demographic in the renter’s world are the elderly, yet they represent big numbers. Today the CIC takes a look at how to help provide a better quality of life for elderly renters if you’re a property manager.

Better Equipping Property For Elderly Renters/Applicants

One of the first things you can do for the elderly on your property is simple-prepare for their stay. What we mean by this is that you need to do some basic research on what makes life easier in an elderly person’s home. Does the industry trend suggest that apartments on the lower floors make for a better convenience for getting around if you’re elderly? If there’s staircases on the property is there a way for your elderly tenants to get upstairs easily? What if they’re wheelchair bound? These are things to consider and prepare for.

Reasonable accommodations

Every now and then you’ll get the tenant that makes some unreasonable requests like owning a peacock on property. To better measure your tenants personality beforehand to avoid this, check out CIC’s Resident Screening. But outside if those quirky situations be sure to always make reasonable accommodations for your elderly tenants. It can be as small as simply keeping hallway or property lights on at night or in the early mornings just in case they’re coming and going and having problems seeing. These small accommodations can go a really long way. Some other accommodations include:

Ramps are some of the most requested additions to property and often make or break a potential tenant’s decision on whether or not they want to rent. Ramps are just accommodations to some, they’re a part of daily life.

One emergency you definitely want to avoid with your elderly residents is a slip and fall, which usually occur in the bathroom where surfaces are most slippery. To avoid this, the simple fix if installing handlebars can go a really long way in terms of preventive accommodations.

We’re all familiar with the traditionally seeing-eye dog, but in today’s world it’s important to recognize that support animals can come in all shapes and sizes along with serving different purposes. You don’t need to change your property policy on pets, but going the extra mile to allow service animals for your elderly to go a long way.

Other Upgrades To Make Their Elderly Renter's Lives Easier

Here are some other great suggestions to make your elderly tenants lives easier and comfortable. 

You don’t want your eighty year- old tenant walking or driving in a snowstorm to a bank to drop off the rent for you. It’s far easier to just accept a check drop off or pay via the Internet.

Instead of again having your tenants come to you, make things easier and bring the news to them whether that’s in person or through email. This can be seen as a great convenience for those who can’t easily get around.

This has been some of the ways you can make the quality of life better for your elderly tenants. One small change can make a big difference.

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