How to Hire the Best Property Management Professionals

When it comes to who you hire, every property (and their residents) deserves the best. But how do you pick out the best of the best among your job applicants? With these three tips you’ll quickly weed out less qualified applicants, and discover your ideal co-workers and team members.

1. Always Screen your Applicants
It goes without saying that you should screen every single job applicant you get. According to The National Association of Professional Background Screeners’ (NAPBS) 2018 survey, 95% of employers stated their organization is conducting one or more types of employment background screening – and you should be doing it too. Whether you’re part of the 86% who depend on employment screening reports to protect your property, employees and residents, or are part of the 52% who use it to improve the quality of hires, pre-employment screening should be a big part of your approval process.

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2. Are They Certified?
Depending on the job position you might want to look out for certifications that your property could benefit from. While requiring a specific certification in order to be considered is up to you and your company, you should take notice of unique certifications. For example, if you’re hiring a property manager you might see an applicant with a CPR certification more favorably.

3. Skeptical? Consider Proficiency Tests
If you’re worried about whether or not a job applicant actually has the skills your property needs, consider using a proficiency test to find the best person for the job. For example, with property management positions (and even higher ups) you may want to make them undergo a writing proficiency test. After all, these positions will have the most contact with property owners, residents, and interested applicants and interactions with them will represent not only the property but the company as a whole. It’s better to know if your applicants have terrible spelling and grammar now than when you come across an incorrect vacancy listing later.

While it can be hard to tell whether a new hire will be suitable for the position before training and managing themselves, by using employment screening, looking for specific certifications, and looking at proficiency test results you can quickly weed out the unqualified applicants and find the best fit for your company. Your ideal co-workers are just a few property management applications away.

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