How to Make your Residents Love Your Property

Some would argue that word of mouth is the best and most effective form of advertising. Someone raving about your property is more likely to get you more business than any ad you could concoct and post on Zillow or another rental site, because they’ve experienced your property and property management style firsthand. But how exactly do you get those glowing reviews?

If residents love your property, your life will undoubtedly be a whole lot simpler. Not only will it be easier to keep old residents, but it will be easier to attract new ones as well. Knowing what your residents want can help make your property stand out from the rest, and encourage them to renew their lease when the time comes. Here are some tips to make residents love your property:

  1. A Clean Property
    Keeping your property clean is a simple way to make your residents love your rental. Make sure that the area is properly maintained, both inside and out. Doing this before a resident moves in is especially important, as what they see will be their first impression of their new home. Something like putting up a fresh coat of paint is cheap and quick to apply, but it goes a long way.
  2. Repairs
    Repairs keep everything in working order, and keep residents happy. Try to do repairs proactively instead of reactively, but, if you do have to act on the defensive, make sure to do so in a timely manner. Replace filters before they go bad, and look for quick fixes that will save you time and money in the long run.
  3. Updated Features
    Most renters love living somewhere with updated features. Energy efficient appliances will save them money on their electricity bill, and even little things like energy efficient bulbs make a huge difference. Outdated fixtures can turn off renters and make residents feel like their living in their grandma’s house rather than somewhere from this century. Using modern hardware and fixtures adds a homier feel, which renters will appreciate. Another way to upgrade is by offering up-to-date ways to pay the rent with online payments. You can even offer online applications through Ready2Apply, which streamlines the process for your potential residents. Also consider updating communal areas, such as the clubhouse, fitness center, pool etc. Upgrading your amenities will have your residents loving your property.
  4. Security
    Feeling safe is important to everyone, and home is supposed to be where you feel the safest. Consider installing security cameras on your property. This will make residents feel safer, and could potentially deter criminals from attempting to break in. No one wants to risk stealing from a property where they can see that they’ll be caught on tape. Having adequate outdoor lighting can also increase the feeling of safety for residents, who may have to walk to their door in the dark.
  5. Parking
    No matter how many or few residents you have, there never seems to be enough parking for all of them. Try to accommodate your renters by not only having enough spots near their apartment, but enough for guests. You can even offer covered parking or garages. If you don’t have enough parking by each apartment building, try to have a special visitors parking lot. This will reduce the number of visitors taking spots from actual residents.
  6. Things to Do in the Area
    Having residents love the surrounding area will help them love your property. Let them know what’s around, and where things like the nearest grocery store are. Also tell them about fun things to do, or what makes the area stand apart from others. If your residents enjoy the town they live in, they’re less likely to be looking to move.
  7. Outdoor Space
    Outdoor space can be a big win with most residents. Whether it is a balcony or a patio, renters will love to have the chance to sit outside during pleasant weather and not be stuck in the house. Try to keep the exterior looking nice by planting some flower beds and beautifying the property. Little things can go a long way.
  8. Pet Friendly
    With millions of people in the United States owning pets, your residents will be thrilled if you allow their furry friends. With so many rentals not allowing animals, this could set you apart from the rest. Not only will it make renters love your property, but it will also add another revenue stream in the form of pet rent.
  9. Appliances Included
    Including appliances in your apartments will be a big win with residents. No one wants to have to drag all their laundry over to the laundromat, and then spend a good portion of their day just trying to wash their clothes. While in-unit appliances are always a fan favorite, just having accessible machines will be helpful to your residents.
  10. A Good Property Manager-Resident Relationship
    Lastly, a key ingredient to making residents love your property is making your renters love you. Make sure to communicate with your renters, and check in on them from time to time. The renting experience should be pleasant for both parties, so ensure that there is an understanding about what you expect from them and what they’d like from you. A good relationship with your residents could turn into a lasting one, and that’s every property manager’s dream.


There are a variety of ways to make your residents love your property, and using any combination of the suggestions above could help boost community morale. Happy renters will be more likely to renew leases, which saves you the hassle of finding new ones and missing out on revenue during that time of vacancy. You’ve got a great property, so go the extra mile to make sure that your residents love it as much as you do.

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