Is Amazon Fresh the New Move-In Gift?

When a tenant fills your vacancy, it isn’t uncommon to offer them a move-in gift to show your appreciation. Maybe you offer a month of free internet or a gift card to a restaurant in the area, but you do something nice to start your relationship with your new renter on the right foot. With technology allowing for the creation of new ideas and services, could grocery delivery services be the next great move-in gift?

When new tenants move in, there’s no doubt that they’re very busy. As they try to get organized and settled in your rental property, it would be pretty fair to say that they may not have time to run to the store. That’s where grocery delivery services come in. Whether it’s your local grocery store or a major delivery service like Amazon Fresh or Shipt, these services fill your new move-in’s fridges (and bellies) with whatever they need. Typically, these services allow your tenants to place an order and schedule it to be delivered as early as the same day or next morning.

Beyond new move-ins, gift cards to grocery delivery services can be a great way to celebrate a lease renewal. If you want to spice things up and introduce your tenants to your community, check to see if your local farms or co-op sell weekly produce boxes, and if you can gift a box. If you’ve noticed your tenants are avid cooks, take a look at gourmet food gift cards like BlueApron or HelloFresh, which allow your tenants to try out new recipes.

But why give this gift over others? While a gift card to a restaurant may be good for a night out, a gift card to a grocery store or delivery service can provide more than one meal for your tenants. With all that comes with moving, going to the grocery store can be a hassle, and they’ll appreciate the ability to have food delivered to their door. At the end of the day, your tenants will appreciate a full belly over everything else.

Move-in gifts are a gesture of good will, and a great way to kick off the landlord-tenant relationship. If you’ve got new renters moving in, consider straying from the norm and offering a gift card to a grocery delivery service. With options ranging from dish soap to fresh fruit, your tenants will thank you.


Do You Give Move-In Gifts? If So, What Do You Typically Give?


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