Keep Residents Excited this Halloween with a Fun Event

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather gets a little bit colder, it’s the inevitable sign that we’re entering the holiday season. Before anyone puts up their trees and hang Christmas lights that will stay up until March, we get to engage in the spooky and fun spirit of Halloween. Treat your residents to a special event to get them excited not only for the holiday, but also to be a part of your community. Your residents will remember the times you go the extra mile when it comes down to renewing their lease.

Resident Trick-or-Treat

As safety is always a concern of parents when it comes to Halloween, having a resident-wide Trick-or-Treat can be a great way to create a fun and safe environment for kids to collect candy. Consider setting up your common area with chairs and tables for parents to celebrate and hand out candy. If you don’t have a common area, letting your residents hand out candy along your property’s walking paths or landscaping is a great way for residents to meet each other, and make Trick-or-Treating a fun race-like game.

Decorating Contest

Being festive is usually something that starts at home. Encourage residents to decorate their balconies or patios, or even their windows in a festive fashion. Make it a friendly competition between residents, with whoever has the best decorations winning some sort of prize.

Baking Contest

Fall seems to be all about sweets and, of course, pumpkin. Consider offering a chance to win a prize in a baking contest and put your residents’ baking to the test to see who can cook up the best holiday treat. Not only will it strike up a delicious and friendly competition among neighbors, but it will bring the community together to mingle and enjoy some sugary desserts.

Show Fun 'Scary' Movies

With today’s technology, you can have your own makeshift drive-in on your property. Gather your community together for some popcorn and a good ol’ fashion Halloween movie. Whether you watch “Hocus Pocus” or “Ghostbusters”, your residents will appreciate the scares and giggles. If obtaining a projector is too difficult, consider getting some horror films from a resale shop. Rent them out to residents throughout the month, with the money going towards a special event or charity.

Host a Community Party

A Halloween party is always a good way to get people in the holiday spirit. Consider combining the suggestions above into a community gathering, and inviting residents to celebrate the occasion together. Create a night of fun that will remind your residents why your community is so great, and get them excited for your next event.

With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve to entertain your residents. Don’t be afraid to get into the holiday spirit and encourage your community to do the same! This spooky time of year is so much better when it’s celebrated together.

How Does Celebrate Halloween?

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