Los Angeles Explores “Just Cause” Evictions and Rent Control Legislation

Within this past year, legislation targeting eviction measures and rent control has popped up in numerous states (only to be quickly shot down). Despite the unsuccessful efforts of similar bills, the city of Los Angeles is toying with the idea of proposing “just cause” eviction measures and rent control legislation.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles City Council approved a proposal on June 21st, 2017 to study what the effects would be if the “just cause” eviction requirements were placed on non-rent-controlled buildings (usually constructed after 1978). Buildings that fall under the city’s rent stabilization ordinance are already required to follow “just cause” eviction measures, which restricts tenant evictions to certain causes like:

  • The nonpayment of rent
  • Creating a nuisance or using a rental unit for illegal purposes
  • Subleasing without permission
  • Lease violation
  • Damaging the rental unit or property
  • Refusal to renew a lease or rental agreement with similar terms and conditions
  • Refusing reasonable access to the rental (for example, for repairs and inspections)

Now that the study has been approved, the city attorney and the Housing and Community Investment Department will have 30 days to give recommendations on how the city council should proceed. If they give the green light, an ordinance proposing the requirement of “just cause” evictions on all rental housing types will be drafted and voted on at a later time.

In a similar fashion to the “just cause” eviction proposal, on May 16, 2017 a proposal to review the effects of rent control within the city of Los Angeles was approved. While there is a possibility that a rent control ordinance will be drafted and it could pass, it is uncertain how a rent control ordinance will make its way around the Costa Hawkins act, which currently prevents California cities and counties from adopting extremely restrictive rent control policies.

Although both of these proposals are not nearly as developed as bills that we’ve written on in the past, we at Resident Screening Blog wanted to give you an inside scoop on Los Angeles legislation that will likely show up at the end of the year to early next year. Considering the weight of changing eviction and rent control regulations, it might be beneficial to fight these proposals early on to protect your property and business.

Click here to contact a Los Angeles Councilmember.

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