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Everything You Need to Know About Squatters Rights

In most situations, the people who live in your building or complex are the ones who are paying you to be there. These people may pay their rent, have signed a legally binding document with you, etc. Occasionally, groups of people or individuals can take up residence within your property. In these situations, they aren’t

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It May Be Time for A Month-To-Month Lease

When you look for a renter, you look for the best renter. You cross your T’s, you dot your I’s, and you use the screening service that works for your unique wants and needs. This lands you the applicant that you think would be fantastic, and that means you want them to stick around! Now

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The Best Credit Score Booster

As any savvy property manager knows, a good credit score is indicative of so many things. When reviewing prospective tenants, this is one of many factors you should consider before preparing the rental contract. While parts of the CARES Act are supposed to make sure that missed payments caused by COVID don’t dramatically impact a

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Hiring Freelancers is the New Bad Economy Hack

Running a business is not easy normally, but with a declining economy, hiring can be extra challenging. If you’re scratching your head over how you’ll get things done on a tight budget (especially in the multifamily housing industry), take a look at hiring freelancers for your short-term projects. Why Hire a Freelancer? While plenty of

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How to Spot Fake References from Renters Like a Pro

Reputation can be everything these days. From trending This Person is Over Parties on Twitter, people getting “cancelled,” to “getting out the receipts” for past bad behavior, it all shows that you need a good rep to keep your business going. It’s not all bad news, however, because your applicants need a good reputation, too.

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Are You Prepared for the Eviction Tsunami?

In America, the multifamily housing industry is at crossroads when it comes to evictions. While some states have begun to reopen with the promise that the courts will start hearing eviction cases later this month, others are considering extending eviction moratoriums due to rising COVID numbers. Regardless of when the courts open back up, the

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