employee background checks

Employment Screening Tips

With the New Year many companies budgets are in order and opportunities for hiring, or re-evaluating current employees, are back in focus.  A necessity for either of these processes should be performing a proper background check in an effort to protect current employees and corporate assets alike.  The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) recently released tips from industry experts on how to best accomplish properly screening potential applicants and current employees.

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Tenant Screening Tips

Is Your Screening Company Leaving You Vulnerable?

Do you remember the days when job applicants put on a nice suit, walked into a business, spoke with the manager on duty and asked if they had any positions open? After a few questions over a cup of coffee, it was decided whether the applicant and the open position were right for one another. “When can you start?” or “I’m sorry, this just isn’t a good fit.”

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property management

Summer Care Tips for your Residents

We are reaching the peak of Summer and with this season comes all of the activities associated with it. Swimming, tanning, barbequing, and heat stroke are all of what can accompany this time of year. The last one, however, is what I want to focus on today. Often time’s people don’t want to stop and think about properly taking care of themselves, but what threats can this pose to their health and by proxy – your liability for caring for residents on your property?

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Resident Incentives Part 2: The Move Out

I remember the first apartment I moved into-
it was a nice community that was well kept and gated for added security. The managers in the office were very friendly; the community allowed for our dog; we had to argue with the company about having over $500 removed from the deposit due to repainting the entire unit because of a black scuff on one wall of a bedroom. Unfortunately, that last portion was also the only goodbye memory I have from that community and also something that gets shared with anyone I talk to about an apartment to rent. While not all residents will have the perfect send off, there are still small gestures you can make that will leave a positive lasting impression.

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Give Your New Resident Incentives While Moving

It seems like everywhere I look I see advice on how to get residents into your property and how to keep them there. What I don’t see is articles about how to make an impact on your resident right after they sign the lease. The period after they sign the lease and begin moving in is one of the most difficult times. They have to go through the headache of moving, transferring all accounts, informing people of their new address, and then they still have to adjust to a new home. Adding value to their life during this period may make more of an impact than any other time. Here are some great ways to improve their transition:

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multifamily legislation

Fair Housing and Rental Policy Conflicts

I recently came across the topic of a questionable Fair Housing violation regarding a rental that already had a tenant. The issue arose from the present tenant marrying an individual who has been recently released from incarceration due to a felony charge. While congratulations to the newlyweds is certainly in order, this does raise some concerns for a property that has a policy established as to what is required on a background check to approve the application. Here’s what you need to know about Fair Housing compliance in delicate situations:

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