Rental Housing Tips to Attract College Students for the Fall Semester

Although we all wish that summer would last a little longer, the season is steadily coming to a close. School supplies are starting to fill the aisles of every store, and the inevitable return to the normalcy of the academic year is looming. For property managers, this presents an opportunity to market to a specific kind of renter, and possibly fill some vacant properties you may have sitting. College students are taking this time to finalize their living arrangements, and your property could be just what they’re looking for. Take advantage of this new pool of renters by tailoring your marketing strategy to attract students.

Consider these approaches to attracting students heading to university this fall.

1. Get Social

College students are social creatures, and it’s hard to find something that they don’t accomplish online. In order to communicate with them (and make them aware of your vacancy), it’s important that you have some sort of online presence. A lot of millennial renters even look for rental properties on social media, which is an avenue that could be easily explored through channels like Facebook groups.

2. Advertise Amenities

Maybe you don’t have any student-orientated amenities in your property, but you most likely have some in your area. Highlight what would offer the most help to students, whether it be your proximity to the public library or being close to public transportation. Let potential renters know why your area – and your property – would be a great choice by telling them how easy it would be to adjust to life there. Point out restaurants that give student discounts or popular hangouts, which young renters will appreciate.

3. Offer Incentives

Set your properties apart from the competition by offering an incentive for college students. Consider providing free internet, which would help in completing homework assignments. Offer a move-in gift of a supermarket gift card, which could help students pay for groceries outside of ever popular Ramen noodles. While the gesture doesn’t have to be huge, it could be the beginning of a great relationship in which they’re more inclined to treat your property with respect.

4. Use Technology to Your Advantage

College students want to accomplish things quickly and easily, and that involves doing things online. Allow them to pay rent online, or utilize other online resources provided by CICTotal Manager’s resident portals. With automated late rent notifications and mass resident text messaging, it’ll be easy to get in touch with your renters.

With the start of the school year rapidly approaching, there’s no better time to appeal to college students. Reaching out to this pool of renters doesn’t have to be difficult, and can be accomplished by simply investing a little time in getting online. With up to four years of school to complete, you could find a renter to begin a lasting relationship with.

How Do You Attract College Students in Your Area?

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