RentBureau® Rental History Reports Included on All Experian Credit Reports

CIC, the nation’s most trusted supplier of information solutions for the multifamily housing industry, provides Experian RentBureau® data at no additional cost to clients receiving Experian® credit reports. Providing property managers with the most comprehensive reports, CIC helps mitigate undesirable rental risks.

“Including rental payment history in screening is proven to help owner operators better identify the highest-quality residents, approve more applicants and reduce manual rent verifications,” says Emily Christiansen, director of Experian RentBureau. “In fact, in a recent study we conducted [during 2014], we found that renters with two or more prior rental debts have a default rate that is nearly six times higher than applicants with positive rental history. Rental payment history matters.”

Assessing rental payment histories provides a more robust understanding of the risk each applicant poses to defaulting on their payments. Additionally, Experian RentBureau rental payment data saves property managers time and money by eliminating the need for manual verification. CIC enhances each credit report by including Experian RentBureau rental history reports, granting access to rental payment histories on applicants, with nationwide data updated every 24 hours.

Each resident screening report offers eviction records from a propriety database of 36 million plus records, updated daily, as well as a nationwide criminal scan that combines records from multiple databases in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. CIC’s comprehensive reports also offer data on registered sex offenders, court data, incarceration, prison records, wants and warrants, as well as information from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Combining Experian RentBureau’s rental payment history data with CIC’s comprehensive criminal and eviction reports provides property management companies with a superior solution, to make informed rental decisions.

Benefits of contributing to and accessing Experian RentBureau rental payment data include bad-debt recovery and the ability to quickly identify higher-quality residents. With CIC’s industry-leading screening reports, property managers can easily improve occupancy and increase their net operating income (NOI). For renters, it encourages on-time payments, as Experian® allows them to build credit history by paying rent responsibly.

For more information about accessing or becoming a contributor to Experian RentBureau, please visit CIC’s website at or call 888-316-4242.

About CIC

Founded in 1986, CIC is a leading nationwide provider of data solutions for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), property managers, housing authorities, apartment associations, real estate agents and independent rental owners throughout the U.S. For nearly three decades, CIC has leveraged the use of technology to deliver the most reliable and comprehensive information to clients, and continues to do so, today. By delivering quality affordable data solutions to the multifamily housing industry, CIC is proud to provide clients with applicant information they can trust giving them The Power of Decision. For more information about CIC’s solutions including resident screening, employment screening, wholesale data, screening platforms and property management tools & software, please visit or call 888-316-4242.

About Experian RentBureau

Experian RentBureau is the largest and most widely used database of rental payment information and currently includes information on more than 12 million residents nationwide. Property management companies and electronic rent payment processors report rental payment data directly and automatically to Experian RentBureau every 24 hours. This detailed rental payment information enables organizations to make better informed decisions. Property management companies utilize this data to screen new rental applicants’ payment history as part of their existing resident screening services. Experian is the first major credit reporting agency to incorporate the positive rental payment data reported to Experian RentBureau in consumer credit reports, enabling residents to build credit history by paying rent responsibly.
To learn more about Experian RentBureau, visit

For renters interested in building credit history through rental payments, please visit

By: Laura Mowry

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