Smell Marketing for Rental Housing Could Fill Vacancies Faster

Smell marketing isn’t a new idea by any means, and there’s no doubt that you’ve encountered it before. Casinos utilize it to encourage gambling and increase drink sales; medical offices use it to put you at ease while you sit in the waiting room, and gyms use it to keep the air fresh and encourage you to keep working towards your goal. As this type of marketing advances with technology, could it be of use to you in the rental housing industry?

Smell marketing aims to give consumers a certain feeling. Some retail stores use special types of perfume that they hope you’ll associate with them anytime you encounter it. Other businesses utilize scents to encourage people to buy more, to feel luxurious, or increase productivity. This scent then becomes a part of their brand, and a part of what customers come to expect when they encounter that particular business.

When people come into your office looking to rent an apartment, sometimes you have to go the extra mile to stand apart from the competition. Your goal is to make them feel like this could be their new home, and what better way to do that than with smell marketing? Using a variety of scents (some of which can even be customized), you can great the perfect atmosphere to turn applicants into tenants.

While generic air fresheners that you can get at the store may hide some unwanted odors, they won’t entice potential applicants to take that leap. Many people can be “nose blind” to those smells, as they encounter them in a lot of homes and small businesses. Employing smell marketing is going that extra mile, and it could be the difference between having an applicant or securing a tenant.

While smell marketing isn’t a new concept, it is one that’s picking up speed as technology progresses. Utilize comforting scents to entice applicants to apply, and to convince them that you’re offering them a chance to great a home. Take a chance on smell marketing, and you just may see more applicants looking to make your property their new home.


Have You Ever Encountered Smell Marketing?


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