The Benefits to Using Property Management Software

Property management software, especially cloud-based software, can revolutionize a rental property’s success. Not only does the software connect long-distance managers and owners with their community, but the built-in management tools can significantly boost efficiency and resident happiness. While the specific features and price point can vary based on which property management software service you choose, these four benefits still hold true.

1. Everything is Just a Click Away

Say goodbye to lugging handwritten ledgers and stacks of vanilla file folders for good. One of the biggest and best things about using property management software is how easy it is to access information on the go. Through a cloud-based (online) software, the information you need is 100% online. This makes it convenient not only for you and your staff members, but the property owners you represent as well. User permission controls help make sure the right people will get the right rental property information – all from wherever there office may be.

Quick Tip: Some property management software services offer owner and tenant portals as well. These features save you and your staff time creating, printing, and giving out owner and tenant statements.

2. Focus on the Important Things: Growth, Retention, and Maintenance

Property management software comes with a plethora of automated features. While some of the top features you want to look out for include marketing and online rental payments, the majority of management software services are designed to let you focus on what’s important. With summary pages, automated reports, and real-time analytics and notifications, property management software lets you track your growth, make plans to secure higher retention rates, and handle property maintenance faster than ever. Spend less time manually processing maintenance requests and budgeting, and more time growing your community with your team.

3. More Options Equals Happier Residents

Property management software not only streamlines your internal processes, but it increases resident happiness levels. With more options on how to pay rent, get renter statements, and make maintenance requests, you cater to a much larger portion of your community. Plus, if you select software that has individual resident and whole community text message and email notifications included (like CICTotal Manager™), you can communicate with your residents with their preferred method.

4. You and your Community’s Information Stays Secure

As a property manager, you know how important it is to use and store your resident’s and your property’s information securely. Physical resident files are vulnerable to physical disasters, theft or mishandling, and accidental coffee spills. With property management software, your valuable data is electronically stored in the cloud with bank-leveled security and encryption. Additionally, due to its online nature, security levels can be frequently tested and updated digitally.

As you start to consider signing up for property management software, keep in mind there are a couple of additional benefits that some management software companies (not all!) offer. Things like free trial periods, discounted or free set-up, and broad customer service hours are little bonuses that can help you as you transition.

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