The Best Cyber Security Tips to Prevent Holiday Fraud

It’s almost that time of year again; the time where your concerns slightly shift from making sure those leaky pipes are on the up and up to taking care of your residents while Santa brings the good ones’ gifts. The holiday times are always busy, and your residents probably aren’t thinking of security while shopping for gifts. That’s where you come in as a property manager. Take a look at these best-practice holiday security tips, and feel free to pass them along to your residents.

Make Sure Premise is Safe Physically

As a property manager, the rental property is your main priority next to the residents, and without an adequate amount of safety, then the whole operation is compromised. Below are a few ways you can ensure your premise is the safest in town.

Increased video surveillance

Video surveillance is your eyes in the sky; the proverbial replay for you to see any foul play or for the authorities to do so as well. More importantly, cameras also act as a strong deterrent for crime.

Reminding residents of guest policies

Just as it’s important to post safety measures in the rooms and common areas, it’s always great to remind them of guest policies. This way unwelcomed persons aren’t brought to the premise – and stay there longer then they’re welcome.

Checking the property for burnt-out lights on the exterior

Just as cameras are a deterrent, so is light. A well-lit area is not only more pleasant and welcoming, but it also sometimes scares away the unwanted actors, so always be sure to check what bulbs and light are working or need replacing.

Consider renter's insurance audit

If a resident does get their personal belongings stolen, their renter’s insurance would cover that – many properties require this insurance. This could cover you, the property manager, in a major way, and it’s just better for the renter in terms of liability and peace of mind.

Post Cyber Security Precautions in Common Rooms

Aside from making sure you only let the safest people live on your property with tenant screening, you can also encourage safe use of your common room’s free wifi. Make sure that all safety protocol is posted in the rooms themselves. Remind your residents of safe browsing habits, secure checkouts, keeping data safe and more.

No 1-2-3 Passwords Anymore

This is one of those tips that literally applies to everyone, from you to the resident, all the way down to Santa’s head elf. Password security is paramount and should consist of random characters, numbers, and symbols. This is one of those tips that should be posted in your common rooms, as gaining access to someone’s password is key to getting into accounts. It’s essentially the first line of defense. As a property manager, you should also make sure all on-site computers are secured with top quality passwords to ensure tenant data, property data, and more is safe.

And there you have it, these have been The Best Cyber Security Tips for the holidays. Put into practice and better your property. The holidays are a time of celebration and family, not worry!

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