The Effectiveness of a Multifamily Dress Code

Creating a multifamily dress code policy for each position can be tricky business. With arguments for, and against, employee dress codes, striking a balance between professionalism and productivity is vital. Here are some things to consider when creating your property’s dress code for maintenance technician, leasing consultant, and property manager positions.

While the multifamily industry has numerous job positions, each with varying roles, there are three consistent (and different) positions that you can find within properties across America. These are the maintenance technician, leasing consultant, and property manager.

Maintenance Technicians: Uniforms or Bust

When it comes to maintenance job positions, the dress code requirements are pretty clear-cut. Your maintenance technicians should have a standard uniform as they have access to your residents and their belongings. You don’t want some stranger to be able to pass off as one of your employees, and a uniform (preferably with your logo) solves this issue. Keep in mind that these uniforms will experience a ton of wear and tear – so if you’re sticking to t-shirts, you’ll want to purchase a handful of backups.

Leasing Consultant: Personable Professional

Unlike the maintenance technician dress code, nailing out the specifics for leasing consultants is difficult. On one hand, leasing consultants can be a potential rental applicant’s first encounter with your property, so you want to make a great impression. On the other hand, the position requires your leasing consultants to try to connect with your applicants enough to make them want to sign the lease, so you don’t want your consultants to seem too professional to the point where they aren’t personable. While I’d recommend going with a business casual dress code, it completely depends on where your property is located and your unique branding.

Quick Tip: Need a way to reinforce your rental property’s brand without the logo? Try having your leasing consultants dress in your brand’s signature color.

Property Managers: An Accommodating Dress Code

Regardless of how many rental properties your property manager is managing, this position’s dress code should be flexible enough to handle all the different tasks they have to do in a week. From talking to residents and property owners to scheduling maintenance requests and balancing budgets – property managers need a dress code that accommodates for the multiple hats they wear. This could mean everything between super professional to business casual.

Regardless of whether you choose to adopt a strict or loose dress code, make sure you give your employees some wiggle room to express their personalities. Confidence and comfortability are key to improving employee satisfaction, and those two key things can be expressed in a multitude of ways (from the pattern on your tie to the way you do your makeup). Above all, your residents and rental applicants connect faster with people, not brands, and giving your multifamily employees enough wiggle room to express themselves on first sight could lead to a long-lasting resident relationship or filled vacancy.

What do you wear to work? Does your company have dress codes?
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