The New Renting Generation is Here. Are You Prepared or Scared?

The time has come: not only has Generation Z entered the renters market, but they are taking it by storm. If you haven’t started advertising to them, then it’s time to buckle down and do it. Considering a new generation of renters to attract can be scary: beyond this grand idea that time is passing, it is a signal of a new market that you’re not used to. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be such a daunting group to learn how to appeal to. Sit down, take a breather, and consider some of these tips to help you get started marketing to the newest generation of renters.

Screen Time

Generation Z was born with a mobile device in their hands. Their high school essays were submitted through online portals, their driver’s licenses had reservations registrations, and their baby pictures were posted online before they could text. They were born expected to be online, so why should your advertising be any different? Ensure that your location is available online.

Crucially, this online experience will either keep you at the top of their desired rental list, or have you thrown out. . Make sure to check your web page speed from an outsider’s perspective. If a consumer has to stop and wait for it, then find a way to fix it. Gen Z wasn’t raised with patience in mind – they were raised to have their preferred colleges and majors picked at fourteen years old. 

Even if they weren’t, they don’t need to wait for you. They have options.

Generation Z is among the smartest shoppers to date, and they have the best research tool in their hands. If your responses are too slow, they can simply go elsewhere and they know how to do so. The best investment is to make sure your app or website is Gen Z friendly.

Honesty is Everyone's Policy

As the smartest shoppers around, you will not be able to hide anything from the Generation Z renter. If you can, hats off to you, but that is only a red flag to a Gen Zer. This group is very good at aggregating their sources and information.

Growing up with the answers to their questions only a few clicks away has enabled them to be more self-reliant. Access to product information—such as peer reviews, product specifications and vendor ratings—empowers them to be smarter shoppers.”

When this group of renters look for something as important as where they are going to live, they want the background information. They want to know the reviews, either on rental shopping applications or on twitter. If they can’t find this information, they are going to be wary. Have a place on your page for comments and reviews, and interact with the comments there. Being proactive is a sign to them that you care and are proactive. Cultivate some positive reviews and be sure to handle the bad ones. See our guide on dealing with the bad online reviews as well.

World Class Care

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, then you know Gen Z cares about the world. It doesn’t mean that you have to as well, but it is important to note that Gen Z does. They care to the point that their generation has stated that ‘success’ is defined as leaving the world a better place than they got it. As a property manager, you do not have to personally go out and save the planet all by your lonesome. Calling out to the Gen Z market can be as simple as advertising that your property offers or encourages recycling. 

If you want a gold star, talk about some low flush option toilets or offer composting options (some cities subsidize the cost of the bin).

Advertising to the next generation of renters shouldn’t be difficult. It may be daunting but it is something that can be accomplished. For more information, view our infographic detailing how you can advertise to Generation Z.

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