The Pep Talk Every Multifamily Housing Professional Needs Right Now

As residents stock up on eggs, furrow their brows at online school schedules and zoom meetings, and barricade themselves in their toilet paper-laden units, property managers have never been busier. Instead of the routine 9 to 5 calm, rental properties are abuzz with a new nervous energy. One that replaces the rush of move-in’s and move-out’s with rent payment plans, eviction bans, rent strikes, and a full house of cabin-fevered renters. As you face new challenges during this unprecedented time, give yourself a pat on the back, virtually high five the rest of your team, take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate your victories, and de-stress.

And if you can’t give yourself a pep talk today, we’ll do it for you – because multifamily housing professionals like yourself are the unsung heroes of housing. Whether big or small, a win is a win.

You’ve Adapted to New Processes & Technology.

Things have been changing rapidly, and unfortunately “business as usual” doesn’t cut it anymore. Without much notice, and despite the emotional intensity of the pandemic, you’ve learned how to adapt your processes to fit new technological platforms and systems. You’re killing it!

And it’s not just you – the whole industry has collectively banded together to learn how to do Zoom meetings. Some have even migrated to e-signed leases and renewals, established virtual and self-guided tours, and worked hard to arrange online payments and rent pay-back plans with your property owners.

You’re Looking Out for Your Residents… Even if They Aren’t.

Unfortunately, not every renter is as careful as they should be. If you’ve gotten calls and complaints about shutting down amenities like the gym, have had residents try to get a little closer than 6 feet, or had renters knocking on your leasing office door (ignoring the prominent “no walk in’s” sign), you know what I’m talking about.

While some of your residents might pout, you’re looking out for their health (and yours too!) – with a can of Lysol in one hand and hand sanitizer in the other.

You and Your Maintenance Team Know How to Hussle When the Going Gets Tough.

You know what they say: more residents, more wear-and-tear. If you or your team has had to deal with unexpected maintenance in the past few weeks, you deserve more than just a gold star. You deserve a drink.

In my own apartment complex – on the first day of California’s stay-at-home orders when businesses were scrambling to figure out if they’re “essential” or not – our property manager assembled seven plumbers to dislodge paper towels, “flushable” wipes, and a golf ball from our main septic. One week later, she was working with maintenance to fix an outdoor faucet one of the resident’s kids had stomped on and cracked from within the unit’s walls.

Across America, onsite managers, maintenance staff, and amazing vendors to the industry have rolled up their sleeves and fixed the messes of bored renters. Y’all are the real MVP’s.

Working in this industry is tough – but these past few weeks have made it tougher. Whether you’re on the frontlines with renters or not, juggling work and personal life can be extremely emotionally taxing in the face of such uncertainty. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself (treat yo’ self!), staying safe, and giving yourself the props you deserve.

What victories have you had these past few weeks? Who are your unsung heroes of housing?

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Becky Bower is the Content Strategist here at the CIC Blog. She holds a degree in English, with a focus in creative writing, from CSU Channel Islands. Her biggest weakness is cake and favorite superhero is Batman.

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