The Top 3 Amenities that Attract Great Renters

When you’re renting an apartment there are a few ‘extras’ that really make it feel like home. When I was a renter in my 20’s and 30’s, I always checked for certain amenities even before I looked at the cost. Now with property management experience under my belt, I can confidently say these are the top three most highly sought-after amenities.

Is There Laundry?

The majority of renters I’ve worked with over the years have been families with at least one child.  The first thing I am always asked is, ‘Is there laundry in the unit?’ For a lot of people this is a deal breaker.  They don’t care that the rent is $100 lower per month than the building up the road, for them the pros of having an in-unit washer and dryer far outweigh the cons. 

Today’s family is busy and both parents typically work.  The time and hassle of dragging a toddler and two bags of dirty laundry to the laundromat down the street or even the onsite laundry room is just too much. An average wash cycle is about 30 minutes and an average dry cycle can be just as long. Laundry in the unit allows people to save that hour and spend three minutes throwing in a load during dinner or in the evening, even during homework time. 

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Second on my list is storage space and lots of it!  Renters accumulate just as much furniture, clothes and nick knacks as most homeowners.  Holiday decorations, seasonal wardrobes, two wheelers for the kids, wedding china, you name it.  Nobody wants to feel like they are living in a storage unit and just because you are renting doesn’t mean it should feel any less like home.  A coat closet near the entry door and walk in closets in the bedrooms were always high-rated features.  When potential residents come to tour your apartment the first thing they do is imagine where their furniture and belongings will go. 

Furry Friends

Last but definitely not least, pets.  Out of all the people in my life, family and friends, I only know one person who doesn’t have a cat or a dog.  Us humans love our furry friends and the companionship and love that they provide can’t be matched.  For those of us that have a sweet little kitty or doggy in our lives, many residents consider their pets as part of the family. By not allowing them in an apartment complex, you immediately send your applicants somewhere else. 

I found it didn’t matter if there was a pet security deposit in addition to the standard deposit. Pet loving folks are usually happy to pay it.  Along with this favorite extra, dog walking stations and paths or a dedicated area where residents can take their pups is a welcomed amenity that will appeal to any dog loving renter.

Learn more about how to create a pet-friendly environment here!

For some people renting feels untethered or temporary, but it doesn’t have to feel that way.  Finding a place with the right amenities can ease those feelings and help retain the same wonderful families year after year.  Like me, your goal is probably to not only to find great residents but to provide those great residents with a living space that would make them feel so at home they would never want to leave. Ensuring that you have at least one of the amenities listed above will help to attract those long-term renters you’ve been trying to find.

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Melissa Pietras

Melissa has been in the administrative/management field for over 20 years. She has managed various types of properties from residential to commercial and currently works in commercial finance. In her free time she enjoys cooking for her family and spending time in her garden.

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