Three Halloween Tips for Property Managers

As you’ve walked around your community, you might have noticed the October spirit in the air. One of your residents has pumpkins outside their door, another has decked out their patio with spooky ghosts and goblins, and the seasonal pumpkin-flavoring has taken over everyone’s fridges. Halloween is on the way. Settle into the festive spirit by deepening your relationship with your community and following these few tips for a fun and safe Halloween.

Create a Safe Halloween Environment for Residents

If you have little princesses and superheroes living in your community, check that you have a safe environment for your trick or treaters. This means illuminating dark places around your property. To do this, replace dead lightbulbs, place inexpensive electric tea-lights in orange jack-o-lantern bags, or simply hand out glow-stick bracelets. In the end, your residents will greatly appreciate the lack of spilt candy, skinned knees, and trick or treating tears.

Trick or Treaters

As school and local events have popped up in the last few years, you might have noticed the trick or treating in your community is dwindling. Parents have opted for trunk or treat at the local church, or simply for safer neighborhoods. Rather than waiting for the great pumpkin to arrive, set up your own Halloween event within your community. Hold a trick or treating scavenger hunt, where every community area (like laundry rooms, mailbox areas, and the leasing office) has a candy station set up. If you’re ambitious, include mini games, a children’s parade or pumpkin carving contests to get the parents involved. Rather than driving their costumed children to other events, your residents will be grateful that the festivities are just outside their door.

Roadmap for Trick or Treating

If you’re craving to share the pumpkin spice spirit but have very little time, create some fliers listing local Halloween events for kids and adults. For families, write down local trick or treating events and some helpful tips on how to manage the trick or treating rush. For adults recommend cab services and apps that give peace of mind when walking alone at night like Companion and Circle of 6. As fun as Halloween is, it’s important that your residents come back that night as happy as they left. Giving them the tools and resources to have a safe night is just one step to making long-lasting residents.

Whether you deck out your property with posters of Jack Skeleton and Sally or post fliers listing other local events, relations with your community will be easier and longer lasting. Creating a safe environment for Halloween, as well as for the later holidays, will not only raise community happiness, but attract new residents to your property. So spread the good cheer and get cozy, your residents are here to stay.

For a Halloween safety video and children coloring sheets to post on your community website, click here to the National Fire Protection Association.

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