Treat Yourself on National Wine Day with Our Infographic

If you’ve ever seen the show Parks and Recreation, you’re probably familiar with the concept of Treat Yo’ Self. Life can get overly busy with trying to find a balance between a work and personal life, and at times we can forgot to take a little time for ourselves. It is never a bad idea to take a day to treat yourself, and what better opportunity than National Wine Day? Celebrated annually on May 25th, this is a great day to set a little time aside and treat yourself to a night of wine and relaxation.

While sometimes it’s nice to sit at home and sip on your wine of choice, National Wine Day can be a chance to break away from the norm. Consider venturing out to celebrate this day, although it is always important to enjoy your alcohol responsibly. Many movie theatres now offer a variety of wine drinks, including slushies. Why not spend a relaxing night watching a quality new movie, enjoying your beverage while you splurge on the reclining seats and seat side service? You can even treat yourself to some chocolate to go with your wine.

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If movies aren’t your thing, you could spend your night channeling your more artistic side. At painting party providers like Painting with a Twist, you and your friends can paint your hearts out while sipping on your favorite wine. By no means do you have to have the skills of Da Vinci to participate in one of these events, as people of all skill level are always welcome. Alternatively, you could catch a show and let someone else do the art for you. Whether you go to a concert or a play, enjoy a glass of wine while you’re being entertained.

If you want to go a more traditional route, take a trip to the nearest vineyard for a wine tasting. Enjoy the laidback atmosphere while you try something new and take in the scenery around you. If you’re not up for the trip, consider hosting a wine tasting or a wine party for you and your friends. Do some cooking with wine and offer well-paired appetizers, drink your favorite wines, and end the night with some ever popular wine ice cream. After all, this is a holiday that is great both spent alone or with friends.

It can be hard to step away from work, as it can seem like there’s always more to be done. Consider automating some of your more tedious tasks with property management software, and allow yourself some more free time. With online rent collection, maintenance tracking, automated vacancy postings, and much more, you can spend more time focusing on more prevalent tasks, as well as taking a little time to treat yourself.

As a property manager, you work very hard to maintain your properties and keep your tenants happy. It’s important to remember to take some time for yourself, and there’s no better opportunity than National Wine Day. No matter how you spend it, make you to take a much-needed break from working and relax. Take a night off from thinking about tenant screening and other rental industry business and enjoy yourself with a well-deserved night off celebrating wine. 

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