Understanding Credit Reports 101

In celebration of “National Housing Month” and amidst the hustle and bustle of the National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference and Expo last week, the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA) has released their “Man on the Street” video series! Designed to provide the average person with a basic understanding of what is and isn’t included on a credit report and to emphasize the importance of positive and accurate information, the series is an educational resource for everyone.

The project, dubbed “The Man on the Street”, allowed everyday volunteers to get their credit reporting questions answered by experts. CIC™’s Caryn Bennett, who aided in creating the series and answering questions, recalled that the questions were as basic as “What is credit?” and “How do I correct errors on my credit report?” to a bit more detail such as “Who has access to my report?” and “Are there laws in place to protect me?”

Credit reports

“There were several interested. Wives called husbands over to join in, store employees gathered around and one passing teen even took off her headphones! People want to learn and we were eager to teach,” stated Caryn.

With the aid of the Mortgage News Network and the support of the NCRA, Caryn hopes that these short 5-minute videos will help educate consumers and dispel credit reporting myths. As more people gain a clearer understanding of what credit is and how day-to-day activities have an impact, the more likely rental applicants will take an active role in keeping their credit information positive and accurate. A win-win for both consumers and property managers! Companies that wish to further educate their staff on safe access to credit information can get the SAFC certification for free through their CIC™ account.


Click Here to View the Video Series


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