What to know about Pre-Employment Screening for Entry-Level Staff

Whether you’ve noticed the pumpkin spice flavor takeover or the premature Christmas decoration displays, it’s easy to see that the holiday season is fast approaching. Being only a few months away from the mad Christmas rush, businesses are starting to feel the pressure to prep for the holidays. As you make the moves to hire additional holiday staff, or expand later next spring, take the time to review your pre-employment screening practices and determine which service will best help you screen the influx of entry-level staff.

Why do Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-employment screening is your company’s first defense against any potential liabilities. It gives you the necessary background information to make the best hiring decision for your company. Not only does pre-screening reduce your risk of workplace violence, internal theft, and negligent hiring lawsuits, but it also helps your HR team determine if the applicant lied on their application.

According to the FBI, overall violent crime rose by 4.1% in 2016, with aggravated assault and robbery at the top of the list for violent crimes. While data from 2014 showed that workplace homicide has been steadily declining, the National Center for Victims of Crime shows it still accounted for 10% of all fatal workplace injuries. Utilizing services like pre-employment screening, and annual employment screening on current employees, can help safeguard your company’s assets (staff included) from these kinds of threats and assure your organizations are better protected.

Beyond staff-on-staff violence and internal theft, if your new hires or employees have direct access to your residents (or clients), pre-employment screening can help protect your reputation. One bad employee can easily turn into a PR nightmare, or worse, a giant lawsuit. Founded after a woman was murdered in her home by two department store employees in 2001, the Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E. was created to create consumer awareness of unsafe service employment and the necessity of annual background checks on employees that enter homes.

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Finding the Best Pre-Employment Screening for Entry-Level Staff

Regardless if you’re planning on hiring holiday staff or not, you should be inspecting your employment screening service to verify that it effectively screens your applicants – no matter what level the job may be. At the very least, entry-level applicants should screened for nationwide and county-level criminal history and be scanned through a social security trace. Including drug testing is highly encouraged, and you might want to scan for your applicant’s driving records if you expect them to either drive on the job or use a company car.

If you have a job position at a higher level, you might want to use an employment screening company that can scan for federal court records, DMV record, and verify education and employment (on top of the entry-level scans). This ensures that your company’s standards are being met even before hiring.

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As you begin your holiday work preparations, make a point to pre-screen all your Christmas staff (even if the position is temporary) to protect yourself, your business, and your staff from liabilities. Even if your company isn’t hiring at this time, now would be a great time to analyze if your employment screening service meeting your standards.

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