Your Eviction Might Not Be Legal in California

If you have a renter who needs to be evicted, you might not be able to file for one before 2020. After California’s state-wide rent control and “just cause” eviction law passed, many cities and counties have been rushing within the last few months to enact temporary eviction ordinances to prevent rental property owners from terminating tenancies before the new law goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Find out if your eviction is legal in your city below.

Why are So Many Cities Enacting Temporary Ordinances?

Scared that rental property owners will evict their renters in order to avoid AB 1482’s 5% rent cap (plus inflation), “just cause” eviction requirements, and relocation fees, many city councils within California have enacted temporary ordinances that prohibit no-fault evictions. Some of these ordinances also bar significant rent increases during this time.

While not every city is on-board, with cities like Downey, Foster City and Burlingame rejecting their own AB 1482 stopgap measures, keep in mind that these temporary ordinances are being passed at an urgent rate. Some of the cities who have already passed stopgap ordinances are:

Please check your city and county news to see if your rental properties are affected by a temporary eviction ordinance before filing for eviction before January 1st and consult your lawyer. As this month flies by with the holidays, it might be a good idea to prep for a January eviction than risk performing an illegal eviction while a temporary ordinance is in effect. 

Stay Tuned for our Legislative Updates

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