Wholesale Eviction and Criminal Data

eviction and criminal records for resellersCIC is the nation’s premier wholesale data provider to the multifamily housing industry, with nearly three decades of industry-leading experience. CIC remains dedicated to providing clients with best-in-class data, technology and customer service.By partnering with CIC, clients access comprehensive databases with powerful nationwide criminal and eviction searches. CIC proudly offers clients data solutions to confidently make informed and efficient business decisions, maximizing their net operating incomes.

CIC’s eviction data provides actionable intelligence derived from landlord-tenant records from every major jurisdiction in the country. With over 36+ Million reportable records, this is the largest compilation of its kind that delivers critical information not available through a credit report alone.

Nationwide eviction records are delivered to clients through an XML Gateway, API Integration, White-Branded Screening Platform, or through CIC’s website. We ensure our clients have secure access to the data they need, when they need it with complete system redundancy. These customized solutions work directly with our clients to meet their needs.

CIC’s nationwide criminal data provides a powerful dual search with a single inquiry for every report. The Alias Search combines multiple tools, including telecommunication and utility bill records, to uncover names, address and dates of birth as well as known aliases including maiden names and nicknames. All discovered name variations are then automatically scanned through our Nationwide Criminal Search to minimize the amount of false positives and maximize the numbers of real hits. The Criminal Database Scan is a powerful, high-speed, multi-jurisdictional search of national and local databases compiled from multiple sources.

Nationwide Eviction Search Nationwide Criminal Search
  • 36+ Million Reportable* Records
  • Matching that may include up to 10 addresses in a single inquiry
  • Nationwide searching in a single inquiry at less than the cost of other statewide searches
  • An SSN address history pulled and using the additional addresses in the matching algorithm giving the most comprehensive search available in the tenant screening industry

*Reportable period is 7 years with the ability to customize to meet jurisdictional requirements.

  • Overcome obstacles such as misspellings and punctuation, transposition and application fraud
  • Includes verification against the Social Security Administration death master file
  • Covers all 50 states + DC with court / incarceration / prison / inmate records, OFAC, probation / parole / release information and more
  • Sex offender registry in all 50 states + DC with photos / physical descriptors provided when available
  • Filtering and matching methodology can be adjusted to meet your clients’ needs
  • Customer support including additional case research provided
Nationwide Eviction Advantages: Nationwide Criminal Advantages:

We are experts at what we do! Unlike other wholesale data providers, CIC specializes in the multifamily and public housing markets. To request more information about our wholesale data products, Click Here.