Resources for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Take back your report! We can help remove adverse items of information on the consumer report that were a result of human trafficking.

Get Started.

We're here to help. If you spot adverse information on your Contemporary Information Corp. report that resulted from trafficking, you can follow these three steps to remove them.

Identify Adverse Information

Review your Contemporary Information Corp. report and identify the adverse information you’d like to request to be removed. 

If you are submitting the request via mail or fax (and not through our online form), please use this sample letter to identify the adverse information.

Once you’ve completed this step, move on to Step 2.

Compile Proof of Identity and Trafficking Victim Determination Documents

To remove trafficking-related information from your consumer report, you will need to submit proof of identity and trafficking victim determination documents. 

Proof of Identity

Please provide one copy of:

If you do not have one of the documents above, please call us at (888) 316-4242 to confirm your identity over the phone with our Consumer Care Team.

Trafficking Victim Determination Documents

Please provide at least one copy of:

Submit your Request

After you gather your proof of identity, victim determination document(s), and identify the item(s) of information on your report you’d like to be removed, you can submit your request online, via mail, or fax. 

If you have any questions or need assistance submitting your request, our Customer Care Team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM EDT at 888-316-4242. 


To expedite the process, we recommend submitting your documents through our online form. 


To mail your request in, please include copies of your documentation (step 2) and use this sample letter to identify the items on your report you’d like removed.

Mail your request to:

CIC Consumer Relations
3700 Crestwood Pkwy, #300
Duluth, GA 30096
CIC Consumer Relations
42913 Capital Dr., Unit 101
Lancaster, CA 93535


To fax your request in, please include copies of your documentation (step 2) and use this sample letter to identify the items on your report you’d like removed.

Fax your request to:

Attn: CIC Consumer Relations
Fax: 888.797.2264

What's Next?

After you have submitted your information, your request to block adverse information will be processed within 4 business days, pursuant to the FCRA and Regulation V Human Trafficking Final Rule. After we have completed our investigation, we will notify you of the final results.

Although federal law allows 25 days for the completion of a re-investigation, we understand how important a timely response is for you. We will make every effort to expedite your request.

Additional Support

If you spot adverse information on your credit report, you can dispute that information in a similar process with the three major credit bureaus.





Under the Prohibition on Inclusion of Adverse Information in Consumer Reporting in Cases of Human Trafficking (Regulation V), you may be eligible for these blocking protections if you experienced the following:

  • Sex trafficking – if you were recruited, transported, solicited, or harbored for the purpose of a commercial sex act or if you were induced into a commercial sex act by force, fraud, or coercion.
  • Labor trafficking – if you were transported or harbored by force or fraud for slavery, debt bondage, or involuntary servitude. 

Any information or documentation you share with us will not be a part of your report.

Please be advised that if you choose to place a security freeze on your credit report in addition to your removal request, your credit report may disclose that you were a victim of identity theft.

Yes, you may submit more than one victim determination document to support your request. We recommend submitting documents that fit within these categories:

  • Court or other government documentation of your status as a victim of trafficking
  • Documents issued by state government agencies
  • Self-attestation signed by or with an accompanying document that includes a signature by a federal, state, or tribal governmental entity; a non-governmental organization or human trafficking task force that is authorized by a governmental entity to make such a determination; consumer advocacy group, or a court representative.

Please do not submit photos or medical information. If you are unsure of what documentation to submit, you may call us at 888-316-4242.

If the information is still appearing on your report, it could mean:

  1. We’re still processing your request, which can take up to 25 business days.
  2. The information you provided was incomplete and further documentation is needed to process your request. If this is the case, we will contact you using your preferred contact method.

If you need additional support, our Consumer Care Team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 6 PM EDT at 888-316-4242.