3 Ways to Prepare for the Hurricane of Holiday Packages

Online purchases and increased package deliveries are typical of the holiday season, but this is no ordinary year. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has seen mail volume increase steadily annually, and volume has drastically increased due to COVID-19. With more residents choosing to do their Black Friday and other holiday shopping online, in the

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string lights and fall food

Giving Thanks in a World with COVID

Fall has officially arrived! Some of us have already begun the process of changing over our seasonal wardrobes, switching out our tank tops and tees for cozy sweaters and fuzzy scarves. Others have purchased their obligatory pumpkins, spice-infused broomsticks and fall-leaf wreaths. Even if the only evidence of autumn in your neighborhood is the date

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Paper Cut out in front of gavel

The CDC’s FAQ Says More About How to File for Eviction

It seems like rental housing laws pop up in the blink of an eye. Since the sweat-inducing rental housing laws proposed in August, we’ve got plenty of updates. There are more answers to the industry’s most pressing questions surrounding the CDC’s eviction moratorium, and there are new state-specific changes regarding unlawful detainer forms, eviction appeals,

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How to Handle Caregivers and Lease Agreements

One of the few things that are guaranteed in this world is people age every second of every day; we’re all getting older! There are health issues, memory issues, but maturity doesn’t change. The need for the independence that you had when you were younger doesn’t change. The desire to be in the home that

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