CIC Tenant Screening for SCRHA Members

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What CIC Can Do

  • Full Credit Report from your choice of Bureau (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion)

  • VantageScore Credit Score

  • SSN Verification

  • Nationwide Eviction Database Scan

  • Nationwide Criminal Database Scan (with San Diego County)

  • Experian RentBureau*

  • Property Management Software Integrations

  • Our Exclusive Regulatory Compliance Filter, which Safeguards from New Screening Laws and Legislation

  • Genuine & Certified Customer Support

*Experian RentBureau RentReveal report is included with Experian credit reports.

Exclusive SCRHA Report Packages

All CIC resident screening accounts have a one-time setup fee that covers the onsite physical inspection required by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. This one-time fee is $58.

Mini Check
$20.00per report

Full Credit Report
(with your Choice of Bureau)

SSN Verification


$29.00per report

Full Credit Report
(with your Choice of Bureau)

SSN Verification

Eviction Database Scan

Basic with Criminal
$38.00per report

Full Credit Report
(with your Choice of Bureau)

SSN Verification

Eviction Database Scan

Nationwide Criminal Search

San Diego County-Level Criminal Search

Frequently Asked Questions

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CIC has a fully FCRA certified customer care Department and Tech Support standing by to assist you with any issues or questions that you may have. They can be reached here.

There is a one time setup fee that covers the onsite physical inspection required of all businesses by Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion in order to have direct access to consumer credit reports 24/7. The cost for the inspection is $58.

For portfolios with 10 units or fewer the association also provides ApplyConnect – a no cost, consumer-initiated tenant screening solution. Invite your applicants to share their Experian credit report and background check with you safely and securely. ApplyConnect reports include the same great quality data you expect from CIC, but require applicants to create an account and purchase a copy of their report for $29.95 that will be instantly shared with you for review after the payment is processed. Learn more about ApplyConnect.

EASY! The CIC system was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Simply login, enter your applicants’ information (name, DoB, SSN, address), press submit and receive your report in 5 seconds on average.

5 seconds on average. Reports processed through CIC’s online system include credit reports, nationwide eviction records, nationwide criminal database scans, and more – all returning results within only a few seconds! Manual searches (like with the San Diego county search) may take longer due to the manual research.

Since 1986 CIC has been committed to providing the multifamily rental housing industry with the absolute best in credit, eviction and criminal data. We are a leader in state of the art technology with data that is far superior to other industry leaders and a reputation for having the friendliest and most helpful customer service.

As a bonus, CIC offers many additional products and services that will fit your needs, and may not be available using the previous system. CIC supports SCRHA and their members (you!), and every day we make it a mission to prove this through fast, accurate reporting and the industry’s gold standard in service.