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The Grand Update is Here! CIC’s Regulatory Matrix Will Keep You Safe

There is one thing the past few years have taught us: laws in our industry are always changing. It’s not just the federal courts constantly twisting this way and that passing tenant protections but states putting up rules about how high fences should be or how many years a criminal search can go back. Trying

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How is the Year Going? The Latest Eviction and Criminal Data Analysis Is Here to Tell

What’s in this Article: From January through March, many applicants had an eviction record. As eviction moratoriums end, pro-tenant legislation could threaten data use. This quarter, criminal hits on background reports have dropped slightly. The dip could mean 2 things. CIC has released the data analysis regarding both eviction and criminal hits for the first

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CFPB Rule Holds Debt Collectors Accountable Regarding Illegal Evictions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has officially backed up the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) eviction moratorium. The CDC’s moratorium was recently extended through June 30th, making the entire thing last over a year long. With over nine million families having overdue rent, some rental property owners have been struggling to find ways to

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How The New California Law Both Helps and Hurts Property Owners

What’s in this Article: CA Gov. Newsom signed SB 91 into law on January 29, 2021 Owners and Property Managers may receive up to 80% lost rent money from the time period between April 1, 2020 and March 31st, 2021 CRAs should not include negative debt allegedly tied to COVID-19 hardship; Including this debt on

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New Year, New Update on the Eviction Moratoriums

Everyone looked forward to 2021 for the simple fact that at least 2020 and all it held would be over. For those in the rental housing industry, the most important thing thought to end with the year’s change was the eviction moratoriums. Most set to expire sometime in early 2021, property owners and managers have

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