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Renter Information Security Has Never Been More Important – Here’s How to Do It Right

With the holidays coming up and more people shopping online than ever, identity theft is a greater risk than ever. While it’s up to your residents to protect their digital information, it’s up to you to secure the personally identifiable information (or PII) that your management team has records of. From information on the application,

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Empty Piggy Bank on its Side

If Evictions Destroy Many Residents’ Credit Who Will You Rent To?

The entire country is currently very sick of commercials with sad face emojis and pouting voices all themed around saying “during these unprecedented times.” It’s all well and good to have a support system but if one more advertisement promises that now is a great time to buy a car because this one brand understands

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How to Spot Fake References from Renters Like a Pro

Reputation can be everything these days. From trending This Person is Over Parties on Twitter, people getting “cancelled,” to “getting out the receipts” for past bad behavior, it all shows that you need a good rep to keep your business going. It’s not all bad news, however, because your applicants need a good reputation, too.

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Are You Prepared for the Eviction Tsunami?

In America, the multifamily housing industry is at crossroads when it comes to evictions. While some states have begun to reopen with the promise that the courts will start hearing eviction cases later this month, others are considering extending eviction moratoriums due to rising COVID numbers. Regardless of when the courts open back up, the

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The Best Rental Criteria Have These 5 Factors in Common

Rental housing laws surrounding your application, resident screening, and the decision process are constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep up. While the leasing process has grown to become time-consuming and complex, it’s vital that you not only establish written rental criteria but update it annually to adapt to the changing multifamily housing

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The Best Leasing Investment You Can Make

With more multifamily housing professionals working from home, ensuring all your leasing processes are digitized is more important than ever. Integrating your resident screening with your property management software allows your team to access quality background reports easily while working remotely. While using a pre-set screening solution provided by your software service might be convenient,

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What We Think the Next Protected Class will Be

Criminal records for rental decisions have become increasingly restricted over the past few years, and those efforts could be accelerated. As many local and state prisons and jails have released prisoners early during the coronavirus pandemic, there are concerns post-COVID that those previously incarcerated could become a protected class. As a protected class, resident screening

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Need-to-Know Eviction Guidance Among COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the nation in the past few weeks, state and local governments have responded to the threat of mass evictions in varying ways. Unfortunately, outside of HUD housing, there is currently no nationwide rental housing guidance on how to handle the financial fallout from renters unable to pay rent due

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