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Rent Control Legislation and Its Current Effects on the Industry

2023 has marked another substantial chapter for the U.S. rental industry, with rent control legislation often taking center stage in state and federal arenas. As a leading data provider in data pertaining to the tenant screening sector, we’ve meticulously followed these developments to gauge their implications for our clients, and in turn, for landlords and

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6 Golden Rules for Rental Property Owners: How to Safeguard Your Property Without Upsetting Your Applicants (or Ending Up in Court)

Hello, dear rental property owners! Are you gearing up to submit that request? Exciting times! But before you hit the “submit” button with abandon, let’s make sure you’re not about to step into a legal quagmire or get on the bad side of your potential tenants. Here’s your unofficial, lighthearted guide to smooth sailing in

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What if Crucial Information Becomes Inaccessible on a Public Record?

When the odds of potential crossover between two different individuals on a report are higher, PII becomes even more crucial and heavily relied upon.

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