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Renter Information Security Has Never Been More Important – Here’s How to Do It Right

With the holidays coming up and more people shopping online than ever, identity theft is a greater risk than ever. While it’s up to your residents to protect their digital information, it’s up to you to secure the personally identifiable information (or PII) that your management team has records of. From information on the application,

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Helpful Advice for New Property Managers and Operators

When I first entered the apartment industry more than a decade ago, one of my job duties was to facilitate sales and customer service training for new property managers and leasing agents. I inherited a curriculum that exploded with so many scripts and lists and closing techniques that I watched my students’ eyes glaze over

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Zodiac Housing Discrimination is More Common Than You Think

In this industry, we’re always trying to figure out more about our renters. From analyzing the next generation of renters, to connecting with applicants on the latest social media platforms, to investing in AI, we’re constantly looking for new ways to attract the best residents to our properties. But when does the desire to know

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Rental Housing Laws That’ll Make You Sweat

Over the past few years, we’ve seen state legislators turn up the heat when it comes to proposing and passing new landlord-tenant laws and credit reporting regulations. While prior years have been focused on ban-the-box, criminal screening restrictions, and rent control, this year’s big debate is unsurprisingly how to deal with COVID-19 related unpaid rent

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Hiring Freelancers is the New Bad Economy Hack

Running a business is not easy normally, but with a declining economy, hiring can be extra challenging. If you’re scratching your head over how you’ll get things done on a tight budget (especially in the multifamily housing industry), take a look at hiring freelancers for your short-term projects. Why Hire a Freelancer? While plenty of

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Are You Prepared for the Eviction Tsunami?

In America, the multifamily housing industry is at crossroads when it comes to evictions. While some states have begun to reopen with the promise that the courts will start hearing eviction cases later this month, others are considering extending eviction moratoriums due to rising COVID numbers. Regardless of when the courts open back up, the

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The Best Rental Criteria Have These 5 Factors in Common

Rental housing laws surrounding your application, resident screening, and the decision process are constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep up. While the leasing process has grown to become time-consuming and complex, it’s vital that you not only establish written rental criteria but update it annually to adapt to the changing multifamily housing

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