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The FTC and CFPB Requests Public Comment from You

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) have united to inspect how background screening can impact American renters, with a particular emphasis on examining the use of criminal and housing court records and tenant screening practices. As part of a whole-of-government effort detailed in the White House’s January 2023 Blueprint,

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These Californian Bills Could Affect your Tenant Screening

When your TV has a service interruption, you call your television service provider; when your tenant screening has an interruption, it’s likely the fault of your legislators. Every year, the number of bills proposed aiming to restrict or change criminal and eviction data increases. 2022’s legislative session was no exception as three Californian bills currently

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New California Senate Bill Fights Back Unnecessary Criminal Record Restrictions

Last year, a California court case sought to redact date of birth information from court records and succeeded. The ruling added unnecessary barriers to the criminal background check process, added another burden to consumer reporting agencies and data providers, and jeopardized the objective information housing providers and employers rely on. A new Senate bill has

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Win a Gift Card and our Bottomless Thanks

You keep us going! To say thanks for supporting us, we’re raffling away a $100 digital Starbucks gift card to one lucky customer! CIC is always looking for new ways to enhance your experience with us, improve our already exceptional risk mitigation solutions, and expand our educational resources – and we’d love to hear your

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Can You Ask Someone Why They Lost Their Job in 2020?

When looking through piles of resumes, searching for the perfect person to fit your team, you have an image in your mind. They are experienced: specifically, someone who has worked in the rental housing industry before. They have a driver’s license, so they can get to all the properties with relative ease. They’re energetic, with

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The CDC’s FAQ Says More About How to File for Eviction

It seems like rental housing laws pop up in the blink of an eye. Since the sweat-inducing rental housing laws proposed in August, we’ve got plenty of updates. There are more answers to the industry’s most pressing questions surrounding the CDC’s eviction moratorium, and there are new state-specific changes regarding unlawful detainer forms, eviction appeals,

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Renter Information Security Has Never Been More Important – Here’s How to Do It Right

With the holidays coming up and more people shopping online than ever, identity theft is a greater risk than ever. While it’s up to your residents to protect their digital information, it’s up to you to secure the personally identifiable information (or PII) that your management team has records of. From information on the application,

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Helpful Advice for New Property Managers and Operators

When I first entered the apartment industry more than a decade ago, one of my job duties was to facilitate sales and customer service training for new property managers and leasing agents. I inherited a curriculum that exploded with so many scripts and lists and closing techniques that I watched my students’ eyes glaze over

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Zodiac Housing Discrimination is More Common Than You Think

In this industry, we’re always trying to figure out more about our renters. From analyzing the next generation of renters, to connecting with applicants on the latest social media platforms, to investing in AI, we’re constantly looking for new ways to attract the best residents to our properties. But when does the desire to know

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Ban the Box Employment Laws Aren’t as Scary as you Think

Hiring can be a lengthy process filled with stacks of applications and resumes, phone calls, and decisions. While “ban the box” employment laws might seem to make it longer by changing up when you can screen for criminal histories, it’s worth it to get that extra protection from liabilities. Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid

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